Take your x10, x100, x1000 everyday supporting MOONGAMES

The tokens are deployed automatically by the MoonShot contract set up by the MOONGAMES team, without human interaction.

This contract will generate a token that will have between 6 and 10% of tax that will be used to burn MOONGAMES and liquidity for the next token.

Each time the stored liquidity will reach a certain amount (for example 0.5 BNB) a new token will be deployed without impacting the current one.

The tokens will be degens and will belong to the community that will be able to invest first, thanks to the MOONSHOT telegram group, to ensure to earn a lot of money by contributing to the burn of MOONGAMES.

You want to participate in a future token? Tell us about it in the Telegram channel.
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moonshot rocket


No more than pump and dump, gambling

The shitcoins launched will be pure degens, invest only what you are willing to lose.

Liquidity Pool will be locked ?

The liquidity pool will be transferred directly to a dead wallet at the time of token deployment. This will secure the token against rug pull and investors can be reassured that the team will not leave with the money.

How does it support MOONGAMES?

Each token will contain a 6-10% commission that will be used to buy MOONGAMES and store liquidity for the next token. For each transaction, buying or selling, 3-5% will generate purchase on the MOONGAMES and burn that will help stabilize it. The other 3-5% will remain locked into the contract and serve as liquidity for the next token that is deployed.